Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Color Me Creative

I love to color. Yes, I realize that I'm 25, but I find it to be quite stress relieving thank you very much. When I saw this next project on Pinterest I knew I had to do it. The Crayons were used to color something, but in a more non-traditional way. I'm pretty sure this has become somewhat of a fad among call me a hipster if you like, but now I have a really awesome piece of art for supah cheap. Like 20 bucks supah cheap.

Here's the original idea:

And here's how I went about it:
For your supplies you'll need...
A hot glue gun.
A canvas.
Crayola Crayons.
A blow dryer.
Black paint/paintbrush.

First, I painted my canvas black. You can leave yours white, but I wanted something a little different.
Then organize your colors from the crayon box. I left out browns, tans, and grays.
Then organize your colors however you want.I did your traditional ROY G BIV but I didn't take the time to organize them perfectly. 
Take your hot glue gun and glue the crayons in a line on your canvas.
When you melt the crayons with the blow dryer, make sure you have a drop cloth or some trash bags on the floor because the crayons will splatter. Use the blow dryer at different angles to achieve different splatter effects.
And here's the final project. I love it. I want to make various ones with different color schemes and give them as gifts. 

Easy peasy. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Paper Flowers, Paper Lanterns and Paper Wall Art

This week, it's all about paper. Scrapbook paper, tissue paper, and paper flowers. I've been wanting to make our apartment feel more like a home so what better than to use ideas from Pinterest to start decorating the apartment. I think everything was meant to be because when I went to get the supplies from Hobby Lobby, nearly everything was on sale this week. Perfect! Here are the original pins and after I'll go through the supplies, how I made them, the cost for each project, and how the final outcome was for me.

Project #1. Shelving Board and Scrapbook Paper turned into Wall Art.

12x12 Shelving board or Particle Board from Home Depot or Lowes.  They'll cut it for you!
Spray Adhesive
12x12 Sheets of Scrapbooking Paper

Total Cost: Under $20.

Spray your 12x12 boards with some acid free spray adhesive. Make sure you stand back a few feet and spray in an open area. Carefully place your pieces of paper right on top of the board and line it up evenly. Let the adhesive dry and you've got 12 really awesome wall hangings. The great thing is that if you buy a nice color palette you can mix them around however you like. To hang mine I took some command strips and simply hung them up according to the directions on the command strips.

My finished product:

Project #2. Repurposed Paper Lanterns.

Set of 3 Paper Lanterns from Hobby Lobby
Gift Wrap Tissue Paper
Elmer's Craft Glue

Make a template for a circle and trace onto your tissue paper. Cut out plenty of circles to cover your lanterns. Start at the top of the lantern and glue the circles around the lantern and as you go down just stagger the circles so they look like fish scales. Hang accordingly. :) There are directions that come with the lanterns if you want to add lighting components to them, which I plan on doing eventually, but right now they make for great art hanging from the ceiling.

Total Cost: $12

My finished product:

Project #3. Paper Flower Centerpieces (This one was a combination of two ideas on Pinterest)

Empty Soda Bottles or Beer Bottles
White Matte Spray Paint
Twigs or Sticks
Scrapbook Paper

Clean the labels off of the soda or beer bottles by soaking the bottles in hot water. Dry off and then spray paint with the white spray paint (or whatever color you choose). To make the paper flowers draw a spiral on a 4x4 piece of paper and cut the spiral out along the lines that you drew. Start to coil up the paper until you get to the very end. At the end glue the center of the coil to the bottom end of the paper and the flower should stay together. I then hot glued the paper flowers to the twigs and arranged them in the bottles. So easy and so beautiful! These would make for great centerpieces at a wedding for real cheap.
Total Cost: Under $10.

My final product:

Here's how the dining room looks now, so pretty:

So I was able to revamp the two rooms for around $40. So I'd say my first Pinterest Craft weekend was very successful. This week I'll tackle Mason Jars, Lightbulb Gardens and Shoebox Lid artwork! Happy Pinning!