Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Color Me Creative

I love to color. Yes, I realize that I'm 25, but I find it to be quite stress relieving thank you very much. When I saw this next project on Pinterest I knew I had to do it. The Crayons were used to color something, but in a more non-traditional way. I'm pretty sure this has become somewhat of a fad among call me a hipster if you like, but now I have a really awesome piece of art for supah cheap. Like 20 bucks supah cheap.

Here's the original idea:

And here's how I went about it:
For your supplies you'll need...
A hot glue gun.
A canvas.
Crayola Crayons.
A blow dryer.
Black paint/paintbrush.

First, I painted my canvas black. You can leave yours white, but I wanted something a little different.
Then organize your colors from the crayon box. I left out browns, tans, and grays.
Then organize your colors however you want.I did your traditional ROY G BIV but I didn't take the time to organize them perfectly. 
Take your hot glue gun and glue the crayons in a line on your canvas.
When you melt the crayons with the blow dryer, make sure you have a drop cloth or some trash bags on the floor because the crayons will splatter. Use the blow dryer at different angles to achieve different splatter effects.
And here's the final project. I love it. I want to make various ones with different color schemes and give them as gifts. 

Easy peasy.